Alexey Krivitsky

Alexey Krivitsky

Alexey is Certified ScrumTrainer® with the ScrumAlliance since 2012, and Lean-Agile practitioners with deep hands-on experience. He played a role of a ScrumMaster in his first Scrum project back in 2003. Since then have been coaching teams and organizations, working as agile coach and a trainer. Alexey is also known for his contribution to co-producing Agile Eastern Europe conferences in 2009-2015.

These days Alexey is actively engaged as a ScrumMaster in the largest German social network company. Read Alexey’s recent article on Scaling Agile Mobile Development at InfoQ and his other writing at his blog.


Certified Scrum Professional (CSP):
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Certified Scrum Trainer (CST):


Certified ScrumMaster (CSM):


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO):
Registered Education Provider (REP):
Certified LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) Practitioner: 
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Artimiausios mokymų klasės
Data Mokymai - Lektorius
2018 m. birželio 22 d. Agile projektų valdymo pagrindai - (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Certified Agile Leadership CAL1 - Angel Diaz-Maroto (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Management 3.0 – Practical leadership that works - Pia-Maria Thorén (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Certified Scrum Master (CSM) - Niels Verdonk (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) - Lasse Ziegler (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) ICAgile sertifikuotas profesionalas (ICP) - Vaidas Adomauskas (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Reikalavimų valdymas Agile projektuose - Vaidas Adomauskas (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Švarus kodas. Kodo pertvarkymas (Refactoring) - Augustinas Nomicas (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. Better Retrospectives - Jeff Campbell (anglų kalba)
2018 m. Kanban System Design (KMP I) - Gaetano Mazzanti (anglų kalba)
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