Tomas Björkholm

Tomas has worked in an Agile way since the mid 1990 and as an Agile coach since 2008 worked as a consultant with various task, such as Scrum Master, Product Owner but mostly Agile coaching and training.

He is mixing coaching and training so his training and examples are based on real life experience. Over the years he has held more than 200 training’s courses in Agile and Scrum in Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, Belgium, Sri Lanka and Latvia. He is certified trainer by Scrum Alliance.

He has worked with companies like H&M, Ericsson, 3, Telenor, Tele2, Vattenfall, Travellink, ICA, IFS, ComHem and Swedbank.

Besides a Master in computer science, he has complemented courses held by Jeff Sutherland, Henrik Kniberg, Mary and Tom Poppendiech, Ellen Gottesdiener, Alistair Cockburn, Don Reinertsen, Lyssa Adkins, Esther Derby, Jerry Weinberg, Don Gray, Johanna Rothman, Jeff Patton and many more.

Written by Tomas

Book – Kanban in 30 days

Article – Doing Scrum with Multiple Teams: Comparing Scaling Frameworks

Article – Using Structured Conversations to Discover Your MVP

Article – Lean Documentation


Certified Scrum Professional (CSP):
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2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Management 3.0 – Practical leadership that works - Pia-Maria Thorén (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Certified Scrum Master (CSM) - Niels Verdonk (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) - Lasse Ziegler (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) ICAgile sertifikuotas profesionalas (ICP) - Vaidas Adomauskas (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Reikalavimų valdymas Agile projektuose - Vaidas Adomauskas (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Švarus kodas. Kodo pertvarkymas (Refactoring) - Augustinas Nomicas (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. Better Retrospectives - Jeff Campbell (anglų kalba)
2018 m. Kanban System Design (KMP I) - Gaetano Mazzanti (anglų kalba)
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