Certified Scrum Master (CSM)


When: 2017, October 2-3 th
Early bird price (till 11th of September): 989 Eur (VAT not applicable)
Regular price: 1129 Eur (VAT not applicable)
Venue: Vilnius (will be announced for the participants)
Additional information and registration: via e-mail mokymai@agileCoach.lt or by phone 8 686 32487.


This highly interactive 2-day training gives you an introduction to the Agile principles and practices of Scrum, the world’s most popular Agile framework.

The training is a mix of exercises, basic theory, and sharing of participants experience and answers to their questions. The aim is to give the participants understanding and tools to be able to successfully implement and improve Scrum at their companies. The course will after a test end up in a Scrum Master certification.


  • Deep understanding of Agile and what it takes to make it work.
  • The Cynefin model – Understand when Agile is the right tool and when it is not.
  • Basic of Scrum – understand the concept.
  • Why Scrum works and which problems it addresses.
  • Understanding the roles and their responsibilities.
  • The Scrum meetings and how to get the most value out of them.
  • Managing requirements with the product backlog and sprint backlog.
  • Estimating and release planning.


Scrum Alliance CSM CertificationWho should attend

The course is designed for entire product/project delivery teams, not only ScrumMasters, as well as anyone likely to work with or on an agile team.

It is ideal for teams or organizations new to Agile who need practical and memorable instruction.


Learning objectives

  • Understand the principles underlying agile methodologies and how to apply them in a team context
  • Connect agile principles to the core lean disciplines and understand how to apply lean and agile principles to software/product development
  • Learn about the trends driving agile adoption and the benefits of an iterative and incremental approach
  • Gain a common vocabulary and understanding of the Scrum framework
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Development Team
  • Be able to effectively facilitate Scrum meetings: daily scrum (stand-up), sprint/iteration planning, review and retrospectives
  • Be able to apply the Agile & Scrum principles and practices to build a real product
  • Work together on an agile team, using the iterative process to rapidly learn and change how the team works 

Attending the entire course qualifies you to receive the Certified Scrum Master certification (on successful passage of the Scrum Alliance CSM online exam).

Some quotes from earlier participants

“The exercises were very funny and were sources for further thinking about the subject”

“Highlights were the great exercises that effectively illustrated problems in procedure and how to resolve them”

“I liked the approach to planning the days – to start off giving the full picture to then be able to dig deep in certain issues along the way. this gave me a fast insight and understanding as new to the subject”

“The instructor demonstrated deep knowledge and mastery of the subject(s)”

“The instructor is a good storyteller, sharing unique & appropriate stories to illustrate key points of the material.”


Tomas Björkholm


When: 2017, October 2-3 th
Early bird price (till 11th of September): 989 Eur (VAT not applicable)
Regular price: 1129 Eur (VAT not applicable)
Venue: Vilnius
Additional information and registration: via e-mail mokymai (at) agilecoach.lt or by phone 8 686 32487.


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