Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)


When: 2018, October
Early bird price (till 2018,..): 950 Eur (VAT applicable)
Regular price: 1029 Eur (VAT applicable)
Venue: Vilnius (will be announced for the participants)
Additional information and registration: via e-mail mokymai@agileCoach.lt or by phone 8 686 32487.


Leading a successful Agile transformation requires new practices that help your organization best support your business goals, respond effectively to change, help leaders guide teams, make the right technology decisions and much more.

This course is an intense 2-day introduction to Agile Product Management, requirements definition and the Scrum framework. This highly interactive introduction to the principles and practices of Agile/Scrum leads to the group creating a real product backlog. Starting by defining a product vision, the group works through each phase of the requirements definition process, creating each artifact in full, and learning how to evolve the agile requirements needed to interactively and incrementally deliver the valuable products your customers need.

Scrum Alliance CSPO Certification

Intended audience:

Ideal for product owners, product managers, business analysts (BAs) and business stakeholders and representatives looking to apply the Agile/Scrum principles and practices.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the principles underlying agile methodologies and how to apply them in a team context

  • Gain a common vocabulary and understanding of the Scrum framework, including the roles and responsibilities of the ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Development Team and how to collaborate with them
  • Learn how to write effective user stories that meet the INVEST criteria, and practice breaking user stories into smaller stories using the nine patterns for splitting user stories
  • Create a viable project vision, release forecast and visualize progress for an agile project. Discover how documentation, governance and reporting differ between a PMI and an agile project
  • Experience the product definition process, from visioning to user stories using such tools as Lean Product Canvas and User Story Mapping
  • Practice estimating value and using the Business Value Game for managing conflicting stakeholder priorities
  • Learn how to create a release forecast without defining each and every requirement at the outset. Understand agile product discovery and the power of iterative methods for risk management
  • Learn the characteristics of good, well-formed user stories and how to create them in a structured way
  • Learn through doing, building an actual product vision, release forecast and backlog from start to finish
  • Understand how to make progress visible and how to facilitate successful delivery of a project to fixed date and/or fixed time.


Training Topics:

  • Lean & Agile Principles
  • Scrum Values & Principles
  • Scrum framework core elements: roles, activities, and artifacts
  • Techniques for building a compelling product vision
  • Building a visualizing a long-term product roadmap
  • User Story Mapping: creating a shared understanding of customer needs
  • Practical methods to understand your key customer segments
  • Defining a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • User Stories: eliciting and clearly defining stakeholder needs
  • Splitting user stories: patterns to decompose large features
  • Models and techniques for prioritizing product features
  • Release planning for predictable delivery via Agile estimating and planning
  • Effective ways to do Product Backlog refinement/grooming
  • Sprint Planning and the Sprint backlog
  • Communicating Portfolio & Product status – making it easily visible
  • The Sprint Review (Demo): valuable feedback from stakeholders
  • Retrospectives: achieving continuous process improvement
  • Scaling Scrum to multiple teams.


Lasse Ziegler 

Lasse Ziegler is an agile coach and trainer with many years of experience working with different scrum teams in a variety of organizations both small and large.

In the last 15 years Lasse has been a developer, architect, project manager, CTO and entrepreneur. Having been in different roles gives a coach good overview of different aspects of an organization as well as an understanding of their different needs. With this experience a coach is well equipped in delivering a end-to-end coaching experience where both the business as well as the development are engaged.

Certifications – Certified Scrum Trainer, Certified Scrum Professional, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Registered Education Provider.


Additional information and registration: via e-mail mokymai (at) agilecoach.lt or by phone 8 686 32487.


4 comments on “Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
  1. Simas says:

    Does this course provide possibility to pass exams and get Certificate of Product Owner? Or it’s just a theory/practice trainings without option to get certificate?

  2. Agilecoach.lt says:

    Hi Simas,
    thank you for your interest to our training’s.
    After two day course you will receive Scrum Alliance certificate for CSPO. There is no need additionally to pass an exam.
    If you are interested to attend in CSPO trainings, please do not hesitate to contact us direct: Agne(et)AgileCoach.lt.

  3. Rūta says:

    ar tai vieninteliai suplanuoti product owner mokymai 2018m.? Ar nenumatoma tokius mokymus organizuoti metų pabaigoje?
    Ačiū už informaciją.

    • Laba diena, Rūta,

      dėkojame, kad domitės mokymais.
      Artimiausi CSPO mokymai planuojami gegužės 31- 1 biržėlio mėn. dienomis.
      Taip pat planuojame rudenio sesiją spalio mėnesį, tačiau datas galėsime patikslinti vėliau.

      Ar pageidausite dalyvauti gegužės mėnesį?

      Jeigu turite klausimų visada prašome kreiptis agne(et)agilecoach.lt

      Lauksime Jūsų atsakymo.

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