Management 3.0 – Practical leadership that works


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What is Management 3.0?

Management 3.0 is a movement of innovation, leadership and management. Management 3.0 is redefining the definition of leadership with management as a group responsibility. It’s about working together to find the most efficient way for a business to achieve its goals while maintaining the happiness of workers as a priority.

Management 3.0 is a global management revolution that brings together thousands of project managers, mid-level managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, developing solutions together, using games to encourage employee feedback and team collaboration.


Speed and flexibility are critical in today’s complex business environment. This places new demands on leadership that did not exist before. Management 3.0 provides insight into how to act to meet these requirements, and take advantage of the opportunities created by an Agile approach.

Management 3.0 is a set of values and tools for future leaders, where self-organizing teams is the rule rather than the exception. The traditional managers role is changing and it will require huge efforts to change the perception of the controlling and governing leadership that cannot create value in an organization with modern values like transparency, continuous improvement and value creation for customers.

Who should attend

This course aims at managers and leaders who want to learn about how to manage Agile
organisations. People who want to know how to contribute to become a great Agile Organisation. Everyone who wants to manage for Happiness.

Why attend

You have the following challenges in your work:

  • How can we motivate our workers?
  • How can we change the organisation’s culture?
  • How can we get teams to take responsibility?
  • How can we get managers to trust their teams?
  • How can we make the business more agile?

Basic ideas in Management 3.0:

Management 3.0 consists of 6 parts including of theory, discussion and many practical group exercises:

  • Provide motivation and energy: The people are an organization’s most important asset, and managers must do all they can to keep employees motivated, creative and active (here we play Moving motivators, which clarifies the priorities of 10 motivators)
  • Give the team autonomy: Teams can self-organize, and it requires trust, delegation and authorization from leadership (Delegation Poker gives you support for the what decisions are taken by whom and at what level)
  • Align constraints: How are the organization’s goals and objectives translated to employees’ daily activities. Difference between KPIs, objectives, vision and strategy.
  • Develop competence: Teams can not reach their goals if employees do not have the right skills and how can we develop skills in new ways?
  • Grow structure: Many teams are working within a complex organization, and therefore need to reflect on the structures which facilitate communication between the different parts. Here we play Meddlers game where we build a structure of an IT organization that is growing with more and more projects and clients.
  • Improve everything continuously: Employees, teams and organizations need to constantly improve in order to not fail. How we lead the improvement work and what change perspectives there are.

Management 3.0

Games and Exercises

All topics include at least one game or exercise where the attendees put into practice the ideas of the course in groups of four to six people. The goal is to make sure attendees can apply the topics they learn about next day in their organisation.

After every game and/or exercise we will look back. This will give people the opportunity to share what they learned, new insights or experiences they would like to share. The more people interact and discuss, the more they will learn.

Susijęs vaizdas


Pia-Maria Thorén

Artimiausios mokymų klasės
Data Mokymai - Lektorius
2018 m. birželio 22 d. Agile projektų valdymo pagrindai - (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Certified Agile Leadership CAL1 - Angel Diaz-Maroto (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Management 3.0 – Practical leadership that works - Pia-Maria Thorén (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Certified Scrum Master (CSM) - Niels Verdonk (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) - Lasse Ziegler (anglų kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) ICAgile sertifikuotas profesionalas (ICP) - Vaidas Adomauskas (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Reikalavimų valdymas Agile projektuose - Vaidas Adomauskas (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. (ruduo-bus paskelbta) Švarus kodas. Kodo pertvarkymas (Refactoring) - Augustinas Nomicas (lietuvių kalba)
2018 m. Better Retrospectives - Jeff Campbell (anglų kalba)
2018 m. Kanban System Design (KMP I) - Gaetano Mazzanti (anglų kalba)
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